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14-year-old from Kansas, Jaylee Chillson’s death! What happened?

Jaylee Chillson

Jaylee Chillson, a 14-year-old from Kansas, tragically took her own life on September 17, 2023. Her death occurred in the presence of a Cloud County sheriff’s deputy, who found her at a party the previous day. Her parents later revealed that Jaylee had been a victim of persistent bullying within her community. How old was … Read more

Ambree Orgill

Ambree Orgill

Ambree Orgill is a digital creator and YouTuber from the US. She is the daughter of YouTubers Davey and April Orgill, who are known for their family vlog that shares their life experiences. How old is Amber Orgill? Family, Education Amber Orgill, known by her full name, Ambree Rose Orgill, is a thirteen-year-old American girl … Read more