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Ambree Orgill, Bio, Age, Digital creator, Net worth, Height

Ambree Orgill

  • Ambree Orgill is a digital creator and YouTuber from the US.

  • She is the daughter of YouTubers Davey and April Orgill, who are known for their family vlog that shares their life experiences.

How old is Amber Orgill? Family, Education

Amber Orgill, known by her full name, Ambree Rose Orgill, is a thirteen-year-old American girl who was born on October 13, 2010.

Libra is her astrological sign. She is the daughter of April Orgill, mother and Davey Orgill, father.

Ambree has five siblings: two brothers, Ender and Zade, and three sisters, Daisy, Elizabeth, and Frankie.

Ambree’s age indicates that she is currently focused on her education.

Ambree Orgill- Professional career

Ambree Orgill has made a name for herself as a youthful American YouTube personality, following in the footsteps of her popular YouTuber parents, Davey and April Orgill.

Together with her family, Ambree actively contributes to their family’s YouTube channel.

She began vlogging when her parents created the April and Davey YouTube channel on July 3, 2013.

With her lively and joyful presence, Ambree has earned recognition and affection from viewers as she collaborates with her siblings to create engaging and relatable content.

Some of the most viewed videos on their channel, such as “DIY HOW TO MAKE A SWIMMABLE MERMAID TAIL FOR UNDER $25” and “HOUSE TOUR !!!!!!,” have accumulated millions of views, with more than 24 million and 12 million views, respectively.

The “April and Davey” YouTube channel has garnered considerable popularity, amassing over 630,000 subscribers and nearly 224 million total views.

Ambree has also established a significant presence on social media through her personal Instagram account, which is currently managed by her parents, and has attracted over 25.7k followers.

What is Ambree Orgill’s net worth in 2023?

As of 2023, Ambree Orgill, at the age of ten, is not personally generating income. However, she is actively engaged in learning and planning for her future endeavours.

In the meantime, her family’s YouTube channel remains a substantial source of income through sponsored promotions and advertisements.

Notably, as of October 2020, the “April and Davey” channel had an estimated net worth of approximately $368,000, reflecting the success and widespread appeal of its content.

How tall is Ambree Orgill? Weight, Physical features

Ambree Orgill is a charming and delightful young girl known for her endearing personality. At her current age, she stands at a height of 4 feet 6 inches and weighs approximately 35 kilograms.

It is important to note that she is still in the process of growing, and her physical attributes may change as she matures. Ambree is characterized by her brown hair and captivating green eyes, which contribute to her enchanting appearance.

How many followers does Ambree Orgill have?

Ambree Orgill maintains a personal Instagram account as her primary social media presence, allowing her followers to stay connected with her life and experiences.

Her Instagram account has garnered a following of over 25.7k followers, and her first picture was a heartwarming image featuring her sister, Daisy.

Her active presence on Instagram complements her contributions to her family’s YouTube channel, offering fans a more personal glimpse into her life.

Is Ambree Orgill dating anyone?

As a young girl of just ten years, Ambree Orgill is not engaged in romantic relationships. Her focus is on personal growth, skill development, and creating positive experiences with her family. She has cultivated a reputation for her endearing personality, distinctive brown hair, and captivating green eyes.

Ambree’s youth and dedication to her family’s YouTube channel and Instagram account ensure that she remains focused on personal growth and positive experiences, steering clear of any controversies or scandals in her life.

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