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Nathan Webb: fitness coach, Netflix, Onlyfans 2024

Nathan Webb: fitness coach, Netflix, Onlyfans 2024

  • Nathan Webb is an American Dream Fitness Coach and Model.

  • He is one of the contestants of OFTV’s new reality dating series and the winner of Season 2 of OnlyFans TV’s (OFTV) ‘This Is Fire.’

  • Webb was also featured in Netflix’s hit reality series Too Hot to Handle. He has a daughter from his previous relationship.

Nathan Webb’s journey from fitness coach to model

Nathan Webb is an extremely good-looking man from the UK whose profession is fitness coach. Because of his good looks and blue eyes, he revealed that he used to get many DMs on his Instagram handle.

He never took them seriously but one day when he replied, he was set up for his first interview which was a UK-based team casting the show. And then the rest is history.

Who is Nathan Webb’s ex-wife? His Affair, Daughter

Handsome hunk Nathan Webb is currently single.

Previously, he was having an affair with the bartender Kayleigh Rock. The couple has a daughter Kynlei whom they welcomed in February 2022.

Talking about his daughter, he said,

“It’s the greatest thing in the world! I was terrified, I was so scared… but it’s the coolest thing – they bring you so much joy. For her first birthday, I actually bought her a Rapunzel plushie, and she carries it everywhere – she loves it. Any time I am away, and she is back in Texas, Kayleigh will send me videos of her carrying it around, and it just brings me such joy. It’s amazing how much happiness these little humans bring you.”

Besides, he is a good friend of Sofia Husein. Sofia is a singer.

Lately, in November 2023 he went to catch crabs on the Jersey Shore.

Nathan Webb’s love for cooking

Besides being a fitness freak, he is also a check. Nathan loves to cook as well and because of his passion, he ended up in the Season 2 of OnlyFans TV’s (OFTV) ‘This Is Fire.’ Not only that, he was the winner of the show.

He said,

“I always have been [a good cook] but never methodical. I’m more of a throw-everything-into-a-pan… It’s easier to cook for myself because if I don’t really like it, I can criticize myself and do something differently next time. But if it’s for someone else, it’s a lot tougher. I’ve always been pretty good in the kitchen, but I think this actually showed me that…maybe I am better than pretty good. Even Chef Jojo [said] if you ever need a job, I got you… If a chef is offering you a job, you gotta be half decent.”

Nathan Webb Reality Shows

Nathan Webb was featured in Season 2 of OnlyFans TV’s (OFTV) ‘This Is Fire.’ He was also one of the contestants of the big-budget Netflix show, ‘Too Hot To Handle’ or more recently, Perfect Match.

Presently, he is one of the contestants in season 2, ep. 5 of Miss/Match, a dating reality show.

Nathan Webb Physical Features

The Fitness Coach is 6 feet 1 inch tall and he weighs 81 kg (178 lbs). He has a bulky body with hazel-blue eyes and blond hair.

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