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Anthia Mo and Nathan Webb: Miss/Match

Anthia Mo and Nathan Webb: Miss/Match

What is Miss/Match?

Miss/Match is back! It is an OFTV’s new reality dating series. Antje Utgaard brings together two very different OnlyFans creators each week for an afternoon of icebreakers, physical challenges, and some deep conversations.

After spending hours in the hot seat, these perfect strangers have to decide whether they’re a miss, a match, or maybe even something more.

No two episodes of Miss/Match are the same. Some pairs hit it off instantly. Some pairs need a couple of Antje’s challenges before they warm up to each other.

While some pairs may be perfectly happy never speaking to each other again. Each episode is full of fun, adventure, and plenty of surprises!

S2E5: Anthia Mo/Nathan Webb

Anthia Mo and Nathan Webb were blindfolded (source: https://of.tv/)

In season 2, ep. 5 of Miss/Match, Antje brought together internet personality Anthia Mo and Fitness Coach-Model Nathan Webb. Nathan grew up in the UK and is also a father of one daughter.

They were blindfolded before the introduction which was an exciting part. Anthia was searching for someone who’s a nerdy, techie, kind of househusband who reads books and plays video games.

While Nathan was looking for someone who’s compassionate, with whom he could hang out and travel.

What’s common between them?

When they opened their blindfold, both of them found each other quite attractive. Both love seafood.

Anthia Mo/Nathan Webb: Pop Quiz

Do you like a lot of attention or a lot of space in a relationship?

Anthia Mo: In the beginning, I like a lot of space. I do not like people being close and overwhelming initially. I like my space and want to do my own thing.

Nathan Webb: Exactly the same!

What is your hidden talent?

Nathan Webb: I was a stripper for 3 years.

Why did your last relationship end?

Anthia Mo: I broke up with him because I didn’t see any future with him.

Nathan Webb: Well…I was unfaithful.

What do you think your best asset is?

Anthia Mo: My ass! (laughs)

Nathan Webb: I would say my eyes.

Anthia Mo/Nathan Webb: Other Rounds

Secondly, they played the game ‘Wood you rather?’ Where they asked questions to each other. They had a great time getting to know each other and enjoyed the company.

Yet Anthia says that she still wanted some more time to know him.

The next game was they sat by the pool and shared personal stuff chilling. She showed off her flexibility on her bikini where the father of one blushed.

Was it a miss or a match?

From Anthia Mo’s side, she chose a miss because she felt he would be a best friend to hang out with and chill but he was not the type she wanted to spend the rest of her life.

Talking about Nathan Webb, he also decided to miss as he just got out from a relationship and was not ready to commit to anyone right now.