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Rahma Zein Age, Tiktok, Rafah border, Gaza, CNN, Net Worth

Rahma Zein

  • Rahma Zein is an Arab African Egyptian Muslim Woman who is famous as an Instagram personality, journalist, Interviewer, Influencer & protester (Activist) from Egypt.

  • She is famous for her Instagram account named “zein_rahma” which has more than 627k followers where she posts about war around the world.

  • Rahma recently got a chance to interview with the British Channel on October 23, 2023, & also Rahma got focused on protesting against the famous news channel “CNN”.

Rahma Zein Childhood, Early Age, & Family

Rahma Zein was born in Egypt and most of his childhood in her hometown. She was brought up by her parents with her siblings. There is no information about her childhood and early life as well as about her family.

Rather than that, Rahma is a shy & private person from her early life. She is an Arab African Egyptian Muslim Woman which means her religion is Muslim. She is Egyptian by nationality.

Full Name: Rahma Zein
Birth Year: 1993
Age: 30
Nationality: Egyptian
Ethnicity: Arab African Egyptian Muslim
Hair Color:  Brown
Eye Color:  Brown
Education: New York Film Academy
Instagram: @zein_rahma
Instagram followers: 627k
Relationship: Single

Who is Rama Zein?

Rahma Zein is an Arab African Egyptian Muslim Instagram Influencer, Podcaster, Journalist, Stand-up Comic, Interviewer, and protester (Activist).

She is famous for protests against various attacks around the world and also has an Instagram account named “zein_rahma” which has more than 627k followers where she posts just help and attacks posts ensuring people what is going wrong. He is also a model and has done various modelling projects.

Rahma is truly a hero for making sure people get the right human rights and knowledge and protesting about everything wrong. She is a great Activist in this modern world.

Rama Zein debates with Piers Morgan on his show

On Oct 26, 2023, Rahma Zein appeared on Piers Morgan Uncensored for an open debate and discussion on what she says is the historic mistreatment of Palestinians at the hands of Israel, her viral video calling out CNN international reporter, the ‘mistreatment’ Palestine faces in the media, whether Rahma condemns the Hamas attacks on October 7th, and how to come to a peaceful resolution in this conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Rahma suggests that it’s a worrying sight that her video confronting CNN international correspondent Clarissa Ward went viral because more important issues and videos from Gaza should be discussed.

However, she adds that the reason it went viral is because people understand and agree with what she said about the way Palestinian mistreatment is reported.

Piers then suggests that both sides need to understand their wrongdoings to progress and agrees with Rahma that the killing of innocent civilians is wrong in Israel. He however does question if she condemns the October 7th attacks.

Rahma explains that if she simply condemns those attacks, it sets a dangerous precedent for the Israeli government to justify killing more Palestinians.

She accuses Israel of being “a spoiled brat, you’re unable to say no to “which has grown up to be “a sociopath”, also accusing the United States of permitting Israel to carry out genocide. “The United States has permitted Israel to have genocide.”

Ramah Zein Education

Ramah is a talented Instagram personality, influencer, stand-up comic, Interviewer & protester (Activist) from Egypt. She completed her GCSE.

She studied Broadcast Journalism at the New York Film Academy.

Rama Zein Career

Rahma Zein is an Instagram personality, comedian, podcaster, influencer, and activist (protester).  She is famous for her Instagram account “zein_rahma” which has more than 627k followers.

Rahma Zein is a famous Instagram influencer, Stand-up comic, podcaster, Journalist, Activist & also and interviewer. Her Instagram Account “zein_rahma” has 627k followers on her Instagram account.

She mainly posts about protests and attacks happening around the world. She is focused on the Palestine-Gaza, Israel War.

Rahma Zein posted a video on her YouTube Channel “Rahma Zein” titled “Interview with UK media channel” and captioned “I was requested for an interview with a British news Channel.

The reporter was sincere but did not explain they it was a  soundbite that she needed and proceeded to have a 20-minute interview with me.

She ended up making the report but the soundbite was out of context which is the exact problem to have with Western media, so I filmed it anyway in case this would happen. Here is the interview with my humble edits”.

EU governments have to pressred into calling for an immediate ceasefire She added. This video was just uploaded on October 23, 2023.

Rahma also got in focus as she protested the famous “CNN” media channel as “CNN” was the only channel from what we said with the UN convoy- instead of other channels who were on the ground with the volunteers and therefore were not surprised that people were “angry” and “protesting”.

Rahma Zein Relationships

Let us dive into Rahma’s Boyfriends & relationships. Although She is a famous woman, she has kept her love life very secret. She has not published any information about her boyfriends and relationships and focusing on her career life.

Rahma Zein is Currently Single.

Rahma Zein Body Measurements

Zein is well well-known personality from Egypt. She has a beautiful body shape but there are no exact measurements of Rehma Zein. She has brown hair colour & also Brown eyes.

Rahma Zein Net Worth 2023

Rahma Zei is a famous activist & also an Instagram influencer personality who has thousands of followers around the world. She is very private in her life and hasn’t shared any details about her income and net Worth. Rahma’s Net worth as of 2023 is not available yet.

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