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Crispy Concords Age, Video creator, Youtube, Fun, Net Worth

Crispy Concords

  • Crispy Concords is an American YouTuber, Content Creator, Instagram Model, Gamer, Singer, Songwriter, and Streamer on Twitch.

  • Crispy is famous for his Content creation in his gaming videos which he started playing the game name “Call of Duty” and other funny gaming videos.

  • He has over 3 million subscribers on his YouTube Channel “Crispy Concords” and has another YouTube channel named “Extra Crispy” channel.

Crispy Concords Childhood, Early Age, & Family

Parker Stevens” who is famously known as Crispy Concords was born on October 31, 1997, in (Great Neck) Long Island, New York, United States of America. He was excellent in his childhood and has a very supportive family. Hence, there is no such information as the names of his parents and siblings.

Currently, he resides in Austin, TX.

Full Name: Parker Stevens
Birthplace: Long Island, New York, USA
Eye color: Black
Hair color: Black
Profession: YouTuber, Instagram Model, Streamer, Singer, Songwriter
Resides in: Austin, TX
Net Worth:  $1million-$2million
YouTube: @crispy,
Instagram: @Crispy

Who is Crispy Concords?

Crispy is a Famous American YouTuber, Singer, Instagram Model, Streamer, and content creator. He is a famous YouTuber who has more than 3 million subscribers and 386 Million views on his YouTube channel “CrispyConcords.” He is also a dog lover and used to post cute pics of his dog on his Instagram.

Crispy Concords
Crispy Concords with his dog. (Source: Instagram)

Crispy Concords Education

Now talking about his education, he is a well-educated YouTuber from the USA, who has done all of his educational degrees from his hometown New York but there is no exact information about his schools, colleges & universities.

Crispy Concords Career

Parker Stevens started his YouTube channel named “Crispy Concords” on Sep 2, 2012.

This channel has more than 3 million subscribers and has over 386.1 million views. This channel has over 692 videos. Concords also has another YouTube channel named “Extra Crispy” which was joined on 23 February 2013. This channel also has more than 59 million views and has 226 plus videos.

Parker Stevens also is a famous Instagram personality, who has 248K followers on his account “crispy”. Crispy usually posts his lifestyle videos and pics on his Instagram.

Likewise, Crispy is a Content creator for his gaming videos and he started playing the game name “Call of Duty” and other funny videos.

Concords is also a songwriter and a singer and has many songs like”I Miss My Wife (2022 ft MonLeeMane), No Maidens (2022), TIMBER LAKE,  Whatchu Mean? (2021)”. He is also a streamer/ Gamer in Twitch.

Crispy Concords Relationships

Now talking about Crispy’s girlfriends and the relationship, he has not been publicly open and has to posted any pic about his love of life. Although he is very handsome looking and has a quite generous and charming look there certainly are women looking for him.

Currently, Crispy has not opened up about his relationships. So, he is currently single and is very happy in his life as of now.

Crispy Concords Age, Height, Weight

This YouTuber is just 26 years of age and has a very charming face and personality. he is quite famous for his funny videos of gaming and other videos on his YouTube Channel. Hence, he has not shared his body measurements. He has blonde hair colour and his eyes are black. He has a dog and also posted cute pics on his Instagram.

How much is Crispy Concords Net Worth 2023?

Let us dive into Crispy Concords’s Net worth, as by the number of his views, followers, and Subscribers he does have a good income from various social media. As per the sources, Youtubers who have 3 million subscribers and more views can earn (10,000$-1,00,000 $)in a year.

As of 2023, Crispy Concord’s estimated Net worth is around $ 1 million -$ 2 million.

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