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Angelo Marasigan-Bio, Kim Kardashian Voice, Sister, Age, Height

Angelo Marasigan

  • Angelo Marasigan is an Australian social media star and entrepreneur.

  • He rose to prominence by sharing skits, acting performances, impressions, and relatable videos on TikTok.

  • He created his TikTok account in late 2019.

  • His debut video was titled “Things that will happen to you in 2020.”

Angelo Marasigan’s childhood! Loves making people laugh

Angelo Marasigan, the TikTok star, was born in Canberra, Australia on March 23, 2004. This means he is currently 19 years old, as of 2023, and falls under the zodiac sign Aries. He pursued his initial education at a local high school in Australia.

He has been interested in performing on stage since his childhood. Angelo is recognized for his regular appearances at various award shows. Likewise, his parents were also very supportive of his passion for art.

He revealed that he used to sing, dance and, act in front of his family. He loves making people laugh.

Angelo told,

“I would actually use my dad’s webcam to make videos by myself or with my sister, Lexi. Lexi and I have always done silly little videos on iMovie. We would do horror movies and funny videos on it. That’s where our love for videos began.”

Angelo’s relationship with his sister Alexandra

Moreover, Angelo’s family plays a part in his online presence, as his younger sister, Alexandra Marasigan. She has made appearances in his TikTok videos. She is also a TikToker and content creator.

The brother-sister duo has many fun videos together. People love their skits and Tiktoks. Their viral videos are where they were making a parody of the Kardashian reality show.

Their voicing which are famous are,



“It’s not profressional and it’s not ethical.”

Angelo Marasigan journey from TikTok to influencer

Angelo Marasigan embarked on his professional career in the world of social media by launching his TikTok account in late 2019.

His debut video, “Things That Will Happen to You in 2020,” set the stage for his rapid rise to prominence. His knack for skits, acting performances, impressions, and relatable content quickly caught the attention of audiences far and wide.

Angelo’s talents didn’t go unnoticed as his content earned recognition and features on prominent platforms like Buzzfeed.

His engaging and entertaining videos resonated with viewers, resulting in a massive following of over 11 million followers and an impressive 397 million likes on TikTok.

One of the pivotal moments in his career occurred in July 2022 when his “Pls tell me you’ve seen this one” skit went viral, amassing over 18 million combined views.

Beyond TikTok, Angelo Marasigan is active on Instagram, where he provides his followers with glimpses of his personal life through selfies and lifestyle photos.

Angelo Marasigan income as Tiktoker, Entrepreneur

As of the available information, Angelo Marasigan’s estimated net worth falls within the range of $100,000 to $1 million.

He gets multiple emails and attends business meetings for brands, events or collabs. He is making a decent income through his talent and art.

Further, he reveals,

“It sounds weird to some people when I say that I’m entrepreneur because it’s not like I have a physical or e-commerce store; but like any other business, there’s no clocking off.”

Moreover, he also has his merch line with his sister named ‘LITERALLY BY ANGELO.’

How tall is Angelo Marasigan? Weight, Physical Features

Angelo Marasigan stands at approximately 5 feet 8 inches in height and weighs around 65 kilograms. He maintains a lean and fit physique.

Angelo Marasigan (Image Source- Instagram)

His striking physical features include deep, expressive brown eyes and a head of dark, lustrous hair that complements his overall charismatic appearance.

These attributes, combined with his engaging personality, contribute to his widespread appeal and success among his young and enthusiastic audience.

How famous is Angelo Marasiganon on social media?

Angelo Marasigan maintains a strong presence on various social media platforms. His Instagram account, @_angelo.marasigan, boasts an impressive following of 1.2 million devoted fans.

On TikTok, his captivating content has garnered a massive following, with 11.3 million followers and a staggering 397 million likes.

His YouTube channel, titled “Angelo Marasigan,” boasts 29.1 thousand subscribers, and on Facebook, he has garnered 27,000 likes. Angelo’s extensive reach across these platforms showcases his broad and dedicated fan base.

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