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Rosangel Cabrera Marriage, Divorce, Children, Net Worth, Height

Rosangel Cabrera

  • Rosangel Cabrera is famously known as the wife of Miguel Cabrera who is a professional baseball first baseman players.

  • Miguel plays for the Detroit Tigers of Major League Baseball (MLB).

How old is Rosangel Cabrera? Her In-laws

The famous baseball player’s wife Rosangel Cabrera was born in the South American country Venezuela. She was born on July 2, 1983, in some place near Maracay. She is currently 40 years old in 2023. 

Rosangel Cabrera hasn’t publicly disclosed details about her parents. Hence, we don’t her parent’s names or her siblings. However, it is known that she is the daughter-in-law of Miguel and Gregoria Cabrera.

What career does Rosangel Cabrera pursue?

Rosangel Cabrera’s primary focus does not appear to be on pursuing a personal career for monetary gain. Instead, her dedication lies in caring for her three children: Christopher Alexander Cabrera, Isabella Cabrera, Rosangel Cabrera.

Nonetheless, she plays a pivotal role as one of the key executives at the Miguel Cabrera Foundation. Alongside her husband, Miguel, they established this non-profit organization with a profound commitment to serving their community.

Their overarching mission centres on enhancing the quality of life within their society, achieved through support in areas such as sports, education, and healthcare for those in dire need.

Furthermore, Rosangel actively participates in various philanthropic endeavours, such as providing mid-day meals for school students and hospital patients, extending financial assistance to low-income families, and more.

The Miggy Foundation allocates substantial annual funds to organize youth sports tournaments in Venezuela. Notably, Rosangel played a pivotal role in the establishment of the Miguel Cabrera Family Scholarship Fund in 2016.

During the recent COVID-19 crisis, she joined forces with the Detroit Tiger Foundation to assist children and their families in Detroit.

Their efforts included a generous donation of $250,000, as well as providing meals, affordable childcare services, and distributing facemasks to numerous families in the area.

How Rosangel Cabrera met Miguel Cabrera?

Rosangel and Miguel’s journey began in their hometown of Maracay when they were just thirteen years old. Attending the same school, they forged a close friendship that deepened over the years.

Their romantic relationship blossomed, and after many years of dating, they exchanged vows on June 17, 2002, when they were both just nineteen years old.

Miguel, having pursued a baseball career in the United States, returned to Venezuela to marry his longtime girlfriend, Rosangel Polanco.

Their wedding ceremony was a significant event for their community, drawing a large crowd to celebrate their union.

However, Miguel’s baseball career called him back to the U.S. as he aimed to reach the pinnacle of the MLB league.

Nearly a year after their marriage, he made his debut in the league. Subsequently, Rosangel joined him, and together they resided in Florida for several years.

How many children are they blessed with?

The couple currently lives in Hollywood, California, and they are proud parents of three children: Christopher Alexander Cabrera, Isabella Cabrera, and Rosangel Cabrera – two daughters and a son.

Their eldest daughter, born in 2006, carries the name Rosangel, a tribute to her mother.

Likewise, their second child, a son named Christopher Alexander, came into the world on August 25, 2011.

In addition, the couple has a third child Isabella.

Rosangel Cabrera and Miguel Cabrera divorce! What happened?

In 2017, Rosangel initiated divorce proceedings in court upon discovering Miguel’s long-standing infidelity with his mistress, Belkis Mariella Rodriguez. The couple were married for two decades.

The prominent baseball player had fathered two children with Rodriguez during their affair.

However, Rosangel had a change of heart and reconsidered the possibility of reconciling with her husband.

Meanwhile, Miguel’s former mistress, Belkis, took legal action to address the child support payments she was receiving, insisting on an increase.

Initially, Cabrera had been providing $12,000 per month to Rodriguez before she took legal action. Subsequently, the court ruled that he must pay $20,000 per month for childcare.

However, considering his annual salary of $30 million, Rodriguez was seeking child support in the range of $25,000 to $30,000 per month.

How much is  Rosangel Cabrera’s net worth?

Rosangel Cabrera’s estimated net worth stands at $100,000.

In contrast, her husband, Miguel Cabrera, boasts a substantial net worth of approximately $240 million.

He has amassed this considerable wealth from a total career earnings of $385,188,684 in the world of professional baseball, primarily through lucrative MLB contracts and numerous endorsement deals.

How tall is Rosangel Cabrera? Physical appearance

Rosangel Cabrera stands around 5 feet 8 inches. Standing beside the towering baseball player, who stands at an impressive 6 feet 4 inches tall, she appears to be a well-matched companion.

She possesses striking dark brown eyes and luxurious black hair, which she occasionally adds a touch of colour.

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