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Peregrine 'Perry' John Dickinson Pearson-Bio, Net Worth, Age

Peregrine ‘Perry’ John Dickinson Pearson

  • Peregrine ‘Perry’ John Dickinson Pearson also known as Peregrine Pearson is the heir to the Chowdry family title, a British aristocrat.

  • His romance with actress Sophie Turner gained the limelight.

  • They made headlines when photographed sharing a passionate kiss in Paris.

  • The couple also attended the Rugby World Cup together, further fueling public interest.

How old is Peregrine ‘Perry’ John Dickinson Pearson?

Peregrine ‘Perry’ John Dickinson Pearson, also known as Peregrine Pearson, was born on October 27, 1994, in London, United Kingdom.

As of November 2023, Peregrine Pearson is 29 years old, with his birthday falling under the Scorpio zodiac sign. He is a native of London and identifies as British with white ethnicity. His religious affiliation is Christian.

He is a British aristocrat and property developer and the heir to the Chowdry family title. Peregrine is a direct descendant of Samuel Pearson, the founder of the renowned publishing powerhouse, Pearson plc.

Peregrine Pearson is the son of Michael Orlando Weetman Pearson, the fourth Viscount of Chowdry. His mother Marina Rose Cordle, held the title of Viscountess Chowdry.

However, their marriage sadly ended in separation in 2023, following 36 years of marriage.

Peregrine grew up in a family with three older sisters, Eliza (born in 1988), Emily (born in 1989), and Catrina (born in 1991), as well as a younger brother named Montague (born in 1997). Eliza is married to Leif Kvaal and has three children, and Emily has one child from her marriage.


In terms of education, Peregrine Pearson pursued his diploma in Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services at the University of West London from 2014 to 2015. Later, in 2018, he engaged in UX Design studies at the General Assembly.

Who is Peregrine ‘Perry’ John Dickinson Pearson dating?

British aristocrat Peregrine Pearson and the popular Game of Thrones actress, Sophie Turner. On October 29, 2023, the couple were spotted sharing a kiss in the romantic ambience of Paris. Sophie was seen wrapping her arms around Peregrine. It seems the couple has a deep affection for each other.

The sources said,

“They arrived together at the chauffeur pick-up location outside of the station. It looked like they might have both come on the Eurostar from London. They stood there for a few minutes and were chatting and laughing a lot. He then took his hat off and leaned in to give her a big kiss. After the kiss they parted ways.”

Peregrine ‘Perry’ John Dickinson Pearson and Sophie Turner (Image Source- People)

The couple kissed in the most romantic streets of Paris, where Sophie and Peregrine Pearson passionately kiss.

Following their kiss, the two departed in their cars and met at the iconic Stade de France. Sophie’s visit to Paris was to unveil the Rugby World Cup trophy, and their love story continued as they were seen together at the Rugby World Cup Final match, which pitted New Zealand against South Africa.

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Who has Peregrine ‘Perry’ John Dickinson Pearson dated before?

Peregrine Pearson had an affair with Princess Maria-Olympia. Reports suggested that they were an item for a solid three years, but as of September 2023, the couple is not together.

Peregrine ‘Perry’ John Dickinson Pearson and Princess Maria-Olympia (Image Source- Town & Country Magazine)

Their story began at a lavish party, where the charming heir of the 4th Viscount Chowdry crossed paths with King Charles’s goddaughter.

Pearson was seen getting cosy with the renowned Sophie Turner, and their passionate public kiss left no doubt – it appeared that Princess Maria-Olympia was no longer in the running for the heart of Britain’s most eligible bachelor.

How much is Peregrine ‘Perry’ John Dickinson Pearson’s net worth in 2023?

While Peregrine Pearson’s net worth remains undisclosed, it is worth noting that his family’s estimated wealth exceeds £224 million.

He owns a £5 million pad in Chelsea, West London.

While his father owns a Pearson media empire and the 16,500-acre West Sussex estate.

How tall is Peregrine ‘Perry’ John Dickinson Pearson?

Peregrine Pearson stands tall with a height of 6 feet 2 inches, 187.9 centimetres or 1.87 meters. His weight is 77 kg. He has striking green eyes and brown hair.

These features contribute to his unique and captivating presence in the public eye, complementing his career as a fashion designer and influencer.


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