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Garden of Aidan Age, Video, Career, Shampoo, Hair, Net Worth

Garden of Aidan

  • Garden of Aidan is a famous YouTuber and Instagram star.

  • Aidan’s YouTube Channel “Garden of Aidan” has more than 10 million views for his video “2 years no shampoo results” 

  • His other video titled “7 years no shampoo results” which has over 1.2 million views.

Garden of Aidan Childhood, Early Age, & Family

Garden of Aidan is a YouTube artist who is really secret about his personal life. His date of birth and place are not published yet and neither are his real name, parents & siblings. Hence he had a good childhood with his parents and with near ones.

Full Name:  Garden of Aidan
Hair color:  Black
Eye color: Black
Profession: YouTuber, Instagram personality
Affair:  No
Relationship:  No
Net Worth:  N/A
YouTube: @FlakyScalp
Instagram: @FlakyScalp

Who is Garden of Aidan?

Garden of Aidan is a famous YouTuber and Instagram star who is famous for his famous video for not using shampoo for seven years. He has many many views and followers on social media. his YouTube channel “Garden of Aidan” has 18.6k subscribers. His channel has got over 12 million and 648k views.


Garden of Aiden is a well-educated YouTuber who has not published any information about his Schooling and graduation. Aidan’s education information has not been disclosed yet.

Garden of Aidan Career

The digital creator is a famous YouTuber. His YouTube channel named “Garden of Aidan” was joined on May 11, 2016, and has more than 12 million views. Likewise, his YouTube has 18.6k subscribers and has 23 videos from 2023.

His YouTube video titled “2 years no shampoo results”, got really viral which made him start his career on YouTube. This video has over 10 million views and was uploaded on January 9, 2018.

He is also famously known for his other video, titled “7 years no shampoo results” which has over 1.2 million views and was uploaded on January 11, 2023(description as 7 years without shampoo, how has it affected my scalp and hair?).

His incredible results from not using shampoo have gone viral over the internet, while many people disagreeing with those positive results.

He opens the three-minute video by telling viewers that he was finally going to “deliver the long overdue scalp update on the no-shampoo lifestyle”.

As of now, it’s been more than 7 years without Aidan’s using shampoo & any other chemicals like conditioners.

Then after that, he assembled a clip illustrating using anti-dandruff shampoo on a daily basis, the results are a swollen scalp, and itchy & dry scalps(flaking areas all over).

Aidan described,

“As you can see, we had a pretty grotesque flake infestation on my scalp”.

So the solution was to get real shampoo and other products which really paid off in a positive way for him.

Garden of Aidan Relationships

Now talking about girlfriends and relationship, she is a very famous young Youtuber hence he has kept his love life very private & secret as there is no information about her past relationships and girlfriends.

He is currently single and is very happy in his life.

Garden of Aidan Body Measurements

Aidan is a YouTuber who has a lean body and a healthy body. He has not shared his any body measurements. He has a black hair color and his eyes are black in color.

Garden of Aidan Net Worth 2023

Let us dive into the Net worth, according to the survey YouTubers who have 1 million views can get an average of $2000 &10,000 in views.

As of 2023, Aidan’s Net Worth is not yet to be publicly disclosed.

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