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Sara Crumbleleg -Bio, Age, Instagram, Career, Vibes, Social Media

Sara Crumbleleg

  • Sara Crumbleleg is an Influencer known for her modelling and lifestyle content.

  • The content on her account includes modelling shots, lifestyle posts, and a focus on natural aesthetics.

  • Sara features food-related content, showcasing her interest in culinary experiences.

  • Casual fashion and travel are prominent themes in her Instagram posts.

How old is Sara Crumbleleg? Family

Sara Crumbleleg, the Instagram sensation, was born on October 13, 2004, making her 19 years old.

As a Libra, she brings the charm associated with this zodiac sign to her online presence.

Hailing from Germany, Sara has captured the attention of many with her modelling, lifestyle, and aesthetic content.

Instagram Star Sara Crumbleleg (Source-Instagram)

While Sara is open about sharing aspects of her life on social media, details about her parents and siblings remain undisclosed.

Besides, she is a vegetarian.

Sara Crumbleleg-Professional career

Before Fame:

Sara joined Instagram in August 2017, marking the initiation of her digital presence. She has 537k followers on her IG handle.

Her most popular post on IG is selfies in a car with 499,000 likes.

The artist mostly posts her selfies, pets, and diet. She has a pet cat Eskaembe who also has an IG handle with the username @eskaembe.

Sara’s vibes:

Beyond her visual storytelling, Sara is recognized as a self-proclaimed feminist. She loves uploading reels of her picnics and vibrant flower arrangements, showcasing her diverse interests.

One of her most popular posts consists of selfies taken in a car, which has over 499,000 likes.

Her IG feed is full of explores modelling, lifestyle, food, and travel.

Sara is associated with Kim Petras, a German singer-songwriter.

Sara Crumbleleg- Social media

Crumbleleg is active on social media.

Instagram Star Sara Crumbleleg Image (Instagram)

Besides Instagram, she has a TikTok account @saracrumbleleg which has over 9.2 million likes and a following of 285k creating engaging short-form content.

Meanwhile, on Facebook, Sara maintains a presence with 5,800 followers, delivering longer-form, narrative-driven content. This multi-platform approach reflects her versatility and broad appeal in connecting with audiences across different social media landscapes.

7 Facts about Sara Crumbleleg

  1. Sara Crumbleleg, born October 13, 2004, is a 19-year-old German influencer, and artist.
  2. She is a vegetarian.
  3. Instagram handle: @saracrumbleleg with 537k followers.
  4. Content includes modelling, lifestyle, natural aesthetics, food, casual fashion, and travel.
  5. She has blue hair with blonde hair.
  6. Associated with Kim Petras, sharing German roots.
  7. Multi-platform presence: 537,000 Instagram followers, 9.2 million TikTok likes, 285,500 TikTok followers, and 5,800 Facebook followers.

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