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Lusya Abramovskaya-Bio, Age, Instagram, Eyes, Height, Weight

Lusya Abramovskaya

  • Lusya Abramovskaya is a Russian influencer with beautiful deep blue eyes.

  • Her posts are mostly relevant to fashion modelling, focusing on casual, formal, and swimwear.

  • She is taken.

How old is Lusya Abramovshaya? Family

Lusya Abramovskaya, the Instagram star, was born in Russia on April 20, 1994. Her zodiac sign is Taurus. She is currently 30 years old.

Attribute Information
Full Name Lusya Abramovskaya
Birthdate April 20, 1994
Birthplace Russia
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Age 30 years old
Relationship Status Taken
Instagram Details undisclosed

Lusya Abramovskaya Romantic relationship

The beautiful influencer is not single. She is in a relationship with a mystery man whose name she has not revealed yet.

However, she has posted photos with her boyfriend on Instagram on 14th May 2023 with the caption,

“Such rare but beloved photos”

Lusya Abramovskaya-Professional career

Abramovskaya, a Russian-born influencer, has gained prominence through her Instagram account, @abramovskaya.

Specializing in fashion modelling, she showcases formalwear, and swimwear, and provides insights into her travels and culinary experiences, amassing a substantial following of 850,000.

Lusya Abramovskaya (Instagram)

Active on TikTok since 2014, Lusya extends her influence by offering advice on fashion photography and high-quality selfies. Born in Russia, she also has similar physical features to Russian model Irina Shayk.

What is Lusya Abramovskaya height, weight? Physical appearance

Lusya, a young and stunning influencer, is known for her hot and doll-like appearance. Standing at approximately 5’7″ and weighing around 54 kg, she has a slender figure with a slim build.

She has hazel-blue captivating eyes and long black silky hair.

Instagram Star Lusya Abramovskaya (Instagram)
Attribute Information
Description Young and stunning influencer
Appearance Hot and doll-like
Height Approximately 5’7″
Weight Around 54 kg
Figure Slender with a slim build
Eyes Hazel-blue
Hair Black, long, and silky
Persona Attractive
Audience Particularly popular among the youth

Lusya Abramovskaya- Social Media

Abramovskaya’s Instagram handle @abramovskaya has over 889k followers. Her content spans fashion, travel, and culinary experiences, engaging her audience with regular posts and active interactions.

Beyond her social media presence, Lusya is involved in brand endorsements, collaborating with various companies for promotions, and showcasing her influence in the digital sphere.

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