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Samii Herrera Age, Bio, Family, Net Worth, YouTube, Height

Samii Herrera

  • Samii Herrera, a Mexican beauty vlogger and content creator, rose to fame through her self-named YouTube channel.

  • Her channel has an impressive following of 1.1 million subscribers, where she mainly shares makeup tips.

  • In addition to makeup content, Samii also creates ASMR videos for her audience.

How old is Samii Herrera? Early Life, Family, Education

Samii Herrera, a renowned Mexican beauty vlogger and content creator, was born on October 10, 1993, making her 30 years old as of now. Her journey to celebrity status began with the inception of her self-titled YouTube channel. Alongside her impressive 1 million subscribers, Samii’s content primarily centres on makeup tips, but she also treats her audience to the soothing world of ASMR.

In terms of her family, Samii Herrera is a proud mother to a daughter named Luisa and a son named Tiago. While her personal life and relationships remain a subject of interest, Samii Herrera has made a name for herself in the digital world as a YouTube sensation.

Regarding her educational background, current, information is limited.

Samii Herrera- Professional career

Samii Herrera’s career is a testament to her journey from a Mexican beauty enthusiast to a celebrated vlogger and content creator.

Career Overview:

  • Samii Herrera is a Mexican beauty vlogger and content creator who achieved celebrity status through her self-titled YouTube channel.
  • Her channel boasts a substantial fanbase of 1.1 million subscribers who eagerly follow her makeup tips and ASMR content.

Before Fame:

  • In September 2017, Samii embarked on her YouTube journey, uploading her earliest video titled “Maquíllate Conmigo.” This marked the beginning of her online presence and the subsequent growth of her channel.


  • Samii’s content resonated with her audience, and one of her pivotal moments came in 2018 when her video titled “TUTORIAL CON MAQUILLAJE BARATO? BISSU ¿SALE MAL?” Surpassing 800,000 views, she was thrust into the spotlight.
  • Notably, comedian Ricardo Perez made an appearance in one of her ASMR YouTube videos, adding a unique touch to her channel’s content.

Samii Herrera’s journey in the world of beauty vlogging and content creation has been marked by consistent growth and captivating content, earning her a prominent place in the YouTube community.

How much is Samii Herrera’s net worth?

Samii Herrera, a Mexican beauty vlogger and content creator, achieved celebrity status through the launch of her eponymous YouTube channel. Apart from offering makeup tips, she captivates her audience of 1 million subscribers with her ASMR videos.

As of 2023, her estimated net worth is around 200K- 1 million.

How tall is Samii Herrera? Weight, Physical Appearances

Samii Herrera_body
Samii Herrera wears Bikini .source: (ig)

While the exact height and weight of Samii Herrera remain undisclosed, her physical appearance has garnered attention and praise among her fans. Through her images and videos, it’s evident that she possesses an impressive height and an attractive body shape with well-defined curves.

Her distinctive features include long, ever-changing hair in various colours, complemented by striking black eyes. Samii is also known for her beautiful, full lips, which add to her unique and captivating look.

Moreover, she proudly displays tattoos on her arms, further enhancing her individuality and personal style. Her overall aesthetic has contributed to her popularity and appeal in the world of beauty and content creation.

Samii Herrera- Social media

Samii Herrera’s social media influence spans multiple platforms. Her YouTube channel, @SamiiHerrera, boasts over 1.4 million subscribers, primarily for ASMR content.

On Instagram, she has connected with more than 331,000 followers, while TikTok sees her engaging with a substantial following of over 621,000, amassing an impressive 18 million views. Samii’s online presence showcases her reach and influence in the beauty, makeup, and ASMR realms.

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