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Paxton Myler Age, Bio, Family, Youtube, Net worth, Height

Paxton Myler

  • Paxton Myler is a multitalented, young American social media influencer, martial artist, and gymnast.

  • He has received 1st Degree Black Belt Level 6 Gymnast.

  • Paxton is famously known as a star of the children’s channel “Ninja Kidz TV.”

How old is Paxton Myler? Family, Education

The famous American Social media star was born on 6 September 2008 in the United States of America. He is now a 15-year-old teenage kid.

Paxton’s father is Shane Myler and his mother is Ally Myler. Shane is a professional cricketer and his wife Ally is an actress. However, the different source claims the different professions of his parents. His parents help him monitor his Youtube channel, @PaxtonMyler.

The famous “Ninja Kidz TV” star is not a single child. He has a twin sister Payton Myler. Apart from his twin sisters, he has two other brothers: Bryton Myler and Ashton Myler.

Paxton Myler- Professional career

Paxton gained recognition as a prominent YouTube personality, primarily known for his role as one of the featured talents on the popular children’s channel, ‘Ninja Kidz TV.’

With a subscriber base exceeding 20.7 million, Paxton captivates audiences with his remarkable athleticism and active participation in a variety of skits and challenges.

His journey on ‘Ninja Kidz TV’ commenced in early 2017, where he collaboratively stars alongside his siblings, creating engaging and entertaining content for their dedicated viewership.

Furthermore, Paxton has shared the screen with Ethan Fineshriber on ‘Ninja Kidz TV.’ His notable credits include appearances on ‘Ninja Kidz TV’ (2017), ‘Riot’ (2015), and ‘Ninja Kid’s Power Rangers’ (2017).

Demonstrating his dedication to physical excellence, Paxton achieved the esteemed status of a First-Degree Black Belt and earned recognition as a Level 6 Gymnast as of September 2020, showcasing his exceptional prowess and commitment to athletic pursuits.

In addition to his contributions to ‘Ninja Kidz TV,’ Paxton maintains a self-titled YouTube channel. This personal platform was launched on May 6, 2018, allowing him to connect with his audience in a unique and individualistic manner, further solidifying his presence in the digital realm.

How did Paxton Myler Rise to Fame?

Paxton Myler’s journey to YouTube stardom began through his involvement with the Ninja Kidz TV channel, where he portrayed various characters.

Ninja Kidz TV was established on February 9, 2017, and is primarily dedicated to creating content centered around parodies, challenges, superheroes, and mind-boggling feats.

The channel has garnered immense popularity, thanks to its content that resonates with fans, amassing millions of views on numerous videos. This success has propelled Paxton Myler into the realm of YouTube stardom.

What is Paxton Myler’s net worth in 2023?

As of 2023, Paxton Mayler boasts a net worth estimated at $3 million. He has successfully amassed this wealth primarily through his eponymous YouTube channel and his active presence on various other social media platforms.

Paxton is also widely recognized as one of the central figures on the popular family-oriented YouTube channel known as “Ninja Kidz TV,” which has garnered an impressive 19.7 million subscribers. His participation in this channel has significantly contributed to his overall financial success.

How tall is Paxton Myler? Weight, Physical features

Paxton is 5 feet and an inch tall. However, this information is irrelevant at the moment as he has just reached his teenage and he will keep on growing for a few years.

At the moment he weighs approximately 43 kg. He has a muscular build with beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair.

How many followers does Paxton Myler have?

Paxton is a huge star on the YouTube platform with the Youtube channel Ninja Kidz TV. He has more than 2.5 million subscribers at the moment. In addition to his YouTube, he is also active on Instagram where he has nearly a million followers.

On Instagram and YouTube, he regularly shares about his lifestyle, family, and travel videos. He also promotes his YouTube content through his Instagram.

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