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Paqui Kelly Breast Cancer, Age 2024

Paqui Kelly Breast Cancer, Age 2024

  • Brian Kelly is a Head Coach at LSUFootball.

  • He is married to his wife Paqui Kelly. The couple married in 1994.

  • Paqui Kelly is a two-time breast cancer survivor.

Brain and Paqui Kelly’s marriage life!

Head Coach at LSUFootball, Brian Kelly got married to the love of his life Paqui Kelly in 1994.

They have been married for over 29 years now. The couple is the parents of three children.

They started dating during Brian’s coaching career. During those days, he was an assistant coach at Grand Valley State University while she was pursuing her career as an educator. Fate brought them together, and their love story became their destiny.

Paqui has been very supportive of her husband and she is also known as the backbone of the Kelly family.

Who is Paqui Kelly?

Paqui Kelly is a dedicated high school educator by profession.

Her mother is from Madrid. Her father does not have any sisters.

Paqui is the fourth of six sisters: Eli and Monie. Her other sisters’ names are unknown.

Besides, she is a loving wife and a cancer survivor. She is an inspiration to us as well.

She is the one behind Brain Kelly’s successful career and good health.

Brain Kelly’s wife Paqui, a cancer survivor!

Paqui Kelly is a two-time breast cancer survivor. She never drank, never smoked and is the fourth of six sisters none of whom, before her diagnosis, had ever been diagnosed with cancer.

At the age of 37, Paqui found out that she had a cancerous lump in her left breast, there was no known history of cancer in her family.

Paqui says,

“Of all my sisters, I’m the healthiest.”


“Of all the people it shouldn’t have happened to, it shouldn’t have happened to me.”

Paqui was diagnosed with breast cancer when her second child was two years old,

“Usually you wait until you’re 40, but my youngest was 2 and I was done having kids. My breasts were back to their normal size and my doctor said he just wanted to have a baseline.”

Her husband Brian and Paqui dealt with breast cancer as a game plan.

Paqui’s cancer revived after 5 years

In 2007, nine months after the 5-year marker for a recurrence, when most recovering cancer patients are in the clear, Paqui was diagnosed a second time with breast cancer.

In 2008, she opted for a double mastectomy. And being a great fighter, she battled the cancer and survived.

Brain and Paqui Kelly’s Foundation

Brain and Paqui Kelly’s Foundation. (Source: fanbuzz)

After battling and surviving breast cancer for the second time, Brian and Paqui established the Kelly Cares Foundation in 2008.

While the foundation emphasizes breast cancer, Paqui is adamant that its three pillars be health, education and community.

She says,

“I didn’t choose to be a cancer patient, but I am so here’s what I can do. I try not to be a spokesperson for breast cancer. I try to be one for health in general.”

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