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Clawdeena9-Bio, Age, Fashion doll, Net worth, YouTube, Barbie


  • Clawdeena9 is a makeup and doll enthusiast.

  • She is primarily recognized for her YouTube channel.

  • On her channel, she shares various content types, including reviews, stop-motion videos, and hauls.

  • Clawdeena9 focuses on brands such as Monster High, Disney, and Barbie in her content.

  • She’s famous for her male-to-female makeup transformation videos.

How old is Clawdeena9? Family, Childhood

Clawdeena9, a prominent YouTube star, was born on October 16, 1999, under the zodiac sign of Libra.

She was born as a male and later she discovered her sexuality and transitioned into a female.

At the age of 24, as of 2023, she has garnered a considerable following for her captivating content.

Hailing from the United States, she has made a name for herself through her creative and engaging YouTube channel. Both her parents are ordained ministers.

Moreover, she has involved her mother, Joanne Tronconi, in some of her videos, showing family ties. She has an elder sister.

Clawdeena9 Boyfriend

source; (IG)

Within the realm of her personal life, she has openly shared glimpses of her relationships. She frequently features her boyfriend, Bailey Granam, on her Instagram.

In early 2022, she made a significant announcement to her viewers and followers. She introduced her relationship with Alex Krebs, further inviting her audience to be a part of her journey.

Clawdeena9 wanted to die when she was 14 because she was gay?

When she was 14, her life was the opposite of how it is now. Nobody would understand her and she was mostly angry. So, her anger led her to make some wrong decisions. She wanted to die and took the pills.

She says,

“I attempted suicide because I wanted the pain to stop.”

Later, when her sister came to know, she was rushed to the hospital and saved.

Then when she was in 5th grade, she was bullied by people who called her gay. He told,

“Fifth grade was the year I wore a purple shirt to school and some of the other kids made fun of me, calling me gay. Both of my parents are ordained ministers. Being gay, queer or transgender was a big no.”


“From fifth to eighth grade, I struggled so much that I often had to be taken out of school to be homeschooled.”

Clawdeena9- Professional Career

This digital creator’s professional career in the world of YouTube and content creation is a testament to her creative talents and dedication to her craft.

Before gaining fame, she embarked on her digital journey by posting her first video on February 6, 2010. But it was under her earlier channel name, “SmarticalCudCud.”

It was a significant turning point when she established her Clawdeena9 channel. Unveiling it with the debut video titled “Monster High Halloween special FINAL TRAILER.” This video rapidly gained traction and accumulated over 2 million views, setting the stage for her YouTube success.

Notably, the 24-year-old’s creative flair extended to her stop-motion content. Her video titled “Frozen: An Act Of True Love” stands out as one of her most popular creations, amassing an impressive 39 million views since its initial release.

This remarkable achievement did not go unnoticed, as her content earned her recognition from major platforms such as Yahoo, Cosmopolitan, and even daytime TV shows like “The Doctors.” Her innovative approach to content creation and storytelling captivated a broad and diverse audience.

In addition to her professional achievements, she has maintained a strong online presence, frequently sharing aspects of her personal life, including her relationships.

She has posted photos of her boyfriend, Bailey Granam, on her Instagram and featured her mother, Joanne Tronconi, in her videos.

Her openness and authenticity have allowed her audience to connect with her on a more personal level. In early 2022, Clawdeena9 announced her relationship with Alex Krebs, further establishing her as a relatable figure in the digital world.

Clawdeena9’s impact on the YouTube and content creation scene is significant, and she is often associated with fellow content creators such as RadioJH Audrey, who also gained fame by reviewing toys, particularly Monster High Dolls, on their respective YouTube channels.

Clawdeena9’s journey from her initial video to her current standing as a celebrated YouTuber and content creator showcases her remarkable talent and commitment to delivering engaging content to her audience.

How much is Clawdeena9’s net worth in 2023?

Clawdeena9, the renowned YouTube star, has managed to accumulate a substantial net worth through her successful career in content creation.

As per various online resources, including Wikipedia and Forbes, her estimated net worth falls in the range of $1 million to $5 million. 

Her primary source of income has been her career as a professional YouTube star. Through her engaging content, which includes reviews, stop-motion videos, and hauls of popular brands like Monster High, Disney, and Barbie, she has garnered a substantial following on her channel.

How many followers does Clawdeena9 have on social media?

Clawdeena9 has established a dynamic presence across various social media platforms, connecting with her audience in distinctive ways. On her YouTube channel, Clawdeena9, she boasts over a million subscribers.

Her engaging videos have earned her a dedicated fan base.

Instagram: Under the handle @mamadeenaofficial, Clawdeena9 shares glimpses of her personal life with approximately 225,000 followers. This platform complements her YouTube content by offering a more intimate visual connection with her fans.

Facebook: Clawdeena9 maintains a presence on Facebook, where around 62,000 followers engage with her. Her Facebook page serves as a hub for sharing updates about her content and life.

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