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Lewis Kelly Long-distance Relationship, Jungle Wedding, Wiki, Age

Lewis Kelly

  • Lewis Kelly is an Irish model.

  • He is active on TikTok, Youtube, Instagram.

  • Lewis is married to his love Andrea Camila at the age of 26.

  • The couple started dating when he was 16 and she was 14.

Who is Lewis Kelly wife? Their teenage love story

Kelly is a charismatic and good-looking model who shares his personal life openly with his fanbase. He married his teenage love Andrea Camila on 13th January 2023. His wife Andrea is a renowned TikToker hailing from Puerto Rico.

Lewis Kelly with his wife Andrea Camila (Image Source- Lewis Kelly’s Instagram)

They met in their early teenage days. He was 16 and she was 14. It was their first love story. Soon after they met, they instantly became friends and soon became closer. The couple’s first kiss was in the rain. How romantic!

Then they were in a long-distance relationship where they couldn’t even communicate because Lewis was living in the Irish countryside where the access to the internet was poor. Hence, they had some misunderstandings during that time.

Later after a couple of years they again reunited and planned to meet in Europe. Andrea also lived with Lewis’s parents temporarily for 3 months in Ireland. His parents were very supportive and impressed by her.

Together, Andrea and Lewis have launched both a successful TikTok account with millions of followers and a YouTube channel with thousands of subscribers. Their strong chemistry and deep connection have resonated with their audience, and they have been together for over a year.

Lewis Kelly and Andrea Camila’s Dreamy Wedding

Lewis Kelly and Andrea Camila’s Dreamy Wedding. (Source: loveincmag)

Lewis and Andrea were crazy in love and distance was their problem. So he proposed to her when she turned 18. And of course the wedding plans!

Lewis Kelly and Andrea Camila kiss after becoming man and wife. (Source: loveincmag)

The couple had a dream jungle destination wedding at Tulum, a town on the Caribbean coastline of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula.

Moreover, the decor was aesthetic and minimal.

Lewis Kelly- Professional Career

Lewis is a renowned model who has done numerous commercial ads across Ireland and Europe since 2014. He also does fashion runways for various prominent brands.

He also shares his work in his social media handles. Also, he is active on TikTok. His content is alongside his girlfriend, Andrea Camila. He has over 6 million fans on their ‘andreaandlewis’ TikTok account as of April 2021.

Notably, Lewis has his verified YouTube channel, ‘Andrea & Lewis’ with over 1.3 million subscribers. He uploaded his first video on March 13, 2019.  The most viewed video on his channel is titled ‘Speaking ONLY Spanish to My Boyfriend for 24 HOURS!!!,’ which has over a million views.

In addition, Lewis has another YouTube channel ‘thelegendoflewis.’ However, he is not active on this ID.

What is Lewis Kelly’s net worth in 2023?

Lewis Kelly’s earnings stem from a variety of sources, including TikTok and YouTube videos, as well as from commercials and advertisements.

Besides, he also earns via brand endorsements.

As of September 2023, Lewis Kelly’s estimated net worth, income and assets, stands at an impressive USD 5-6 million.

How old is Lewis Kelly? Early Life, Family, Education

Lewis Kelly, born on October 3, 1997, hails from Ireland and is currently 25 years old in 2023. His zodiac sign is Libra. His passion for fashion and modelling ignited in his childhood.

He completed his primary education at a local school in Ireland and earned his high school diploma from the University of Galway. Likewise, this public figure did his graduation from Dublin City University.

He is an Irish national with the Irish ethnic group. Lewis practices the Christian faith. Following his school years, he spent some time in China, adding diverse experiences to his life journey.

How tall is Lewis Kelly? Weight

Described as both intelligent and charming, he enjoys immense popularity among the youth.

His height is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs around 73 kg. He has a lean physique. Hie has captivating blue eyes and blonde hair.

How many followers does Lewis Kelly have on social media?

Lewis Kelly, the Irish model and TikToker, has a strong social media presence. He shares his modelling career on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, showcasing his high-profile photoshoots.

On TikTok, he has more than 400k followers. He regularly posts his lip-sync, dance, and comedy videos on this platform.

In addition, he is also active on YouTube where he posts daily vlogs.

On Instagram, he has nearly millions of followers.

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