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Mariamstar1 Artist, Actress, Model, Family, Net Worth, TikTok


  • Mariam Assad famously known as Mariamstar1 is a renowned Australian social media personality, who gained recognition for her lip-sync and comedy videos on TikTok.

  • Mariam is professionally known as TikTok Star, Actress, and Model.

  • In addition to that, she is also famous for portraying Chloe’s character on the web series “Mani”.

How old is Mariamstar1? Early life, Family, Education

The Australian social media star, Mariamstar1 was born on 7 July 2006 in Sydney, Australia. The star is now 17 years old, as of 2023.

Mariam was born in the upper middle class in Sydney, Australia. Her father Mustafa Assaad is a businessman in Australia. However, her mother’s name is not disclosed yet.

The Australian TikTok star has four siblings. She is the youngest one and has two older sisters and two brothers. Aliea and Danielle are her sisters and Mustafa Assaad Jr. and Moey Assaad are brothers.

Mariam completed her early education at a local private school. Some sources claim she has completed her high school. She developed an interest in singing and dancing from a very young age.

Mariamstar1- Professional Career

Mariamstar embarked on her career journey by creating and sharing captivating short videos, typically ranging from 25 to 30 seconds in length, on platforms like TikTok and YouTube. Her content repertoire spans lip-sync performances, comedic skits, dance routines, singing showcases, and videos discussing trending topics.

Beyond mere entertainment, Mariamstar’s videos often carry profound messages intended for her audience. She’s used her platform to expose the behaviours of certain corrupt politicians and prominent celebrities by skillfully impersonating them in her videos.

One of her notable achievements was the highly praised anti-bullying video in which she incorporated Bars and Melody’s song.

In addition to her creative endeavours, Mariamstar has been a prominent advocate for various popular clothing brands, frequently collaborating with them on commercial advertisements. Furthermore, her acting talents shine as she took on the role of “Chloe” in the web series titled “Mani.”

How Mariamstar1 Rose to Fame?

Mariamstar1’s journey to fame took an unexpected turn when she began sharing her talents on social media platforms such as YouTube and TikTok, despite her early proficiency in singing and dancing.

Her content primarily revolves around captivating lip-sync and high-energy dance performances, often featuring iconic American stars like Jennifer Lopez and Madonna. These spirited dances are designed to captivate the attention of young audiences and teenagers.

In addition to her dance routines, Mariamstar1 has ventured into the realm of comedy videos, which have gained popularity in recent times.

These comedic creations humorously depict everyday societal events, with Mariamstar1 donning amusing costumes that particularly appeal to children.

She uses these videos as a means to satirize the behaviours of politicians and movie stars she wishes to critique, often involving her friends and family members in these hilarious productions.

Notably, she shares a close friendship with fellow social media sensation Piper Rockelle, and they have collaborated extensively on YouTube and TikTok.

Today, Mariamstar1 is celebrated as one of TikTok’s most prominent teenage influencers, boasting a substantial fan base of 2.9 million followers on the platform.

Her popularity extends to other social media outlets, including YouTube and Instagram, where she has garnered over 406,000 followers.

Given her meteoric rise, it’s only a matter of time before the entertainment industry in Hollywood embraces her with lucrative contracts and opportunities.

How much is Mariamstar1’s Net worth in 2023?

In 2023, Mariam Star’s net worth stands at approximately $1 million. She generates a substantial income through her social media videos and further boosts her earnings through brand partnerships and commercial advertisements.

How tall is Mariamstar1? Weight, Physical Appearance

Mariamstar1 (Source: Instagram)

Mariamstar1 is 5 feet 4 inches tall (162.5 cm). However, she is just 17 and might even grow taller for a few years.

The Australian star has a beautiful slim body. She weighs around 45 kg and has a body measurement of 30-22-30 inches.

Mariamstar1 has beautiful dark brown eyes and beautiful black hair.

How many social media followers does Mariamstar1 have?

Mariamstar1 is famous on TikTok with more than 2.9 million followers on her accounts. Her comedy and lip-sync videos have millions of views and likes. In addition to that, she also has a YouTube channel with more than 2.5k subscribers.

Mariam also has a quite huge fan followers on her Instagram. She has more than 400k followers on Instagram, where she shares her images and does brand endorsement.

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