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Lenora Maude Age, Wiki, Multiple Tattoos, Figure, Twitter, Height

Lenora Maude

  • Lenora Maude with username @LenoraMuade is an adult entertainer from the US.

  • She posts 18+ photos and videos on various adult websites to earn her fans and income.

  • She has a Twitter account where her bio says, ‘Naughty m*** near you.’

  • Her speciality is that she likes to make out with older men.

How old is @LenoraMuade?

The bold lady Lenora Maude has not specified her age. However, looking at her photos she looks like is in her late 30s.

@LenoraMuade Tattoos

Lenora Maude has multiple tattoos on her body. She has inked birds on her left breast, flowers on her left hand, a star and a name on her right hand.

@LenoraMuade Social Media

Lenora Muade is quite active on Twitter than on Facebook or Instagram. She has around 260k followers on her Twitter account and she posts sultry photos with captions including,

“I need an old man, how old are you??… Be honest!!”

“Do I look pretty?? Honest answers please”

Besides, she also reposts the relevant posts to her which boosts that person’s followers and likes.

What does M*** mean?

MILF is an acronym for M(other) I(‘d) L(ike to) F(***). It is a slang word used mainly by teenagers, meaning attractive mothers or middle-aged women.

@LenoraMuade wearing hot red lingerie showing off her tattoo. (Source: Twitter)

Is @LenoraMuade active on juicydate.club?

Yes, @LenoraMuade is active on juicydate.club. The dating website “Juicydates” was founded in 2000.

Lenora Maude Quick Facts

Particulars Facts
Real Name Lenora Muade
Famous as @LenoraMuade
Age Late 30’s
Body Shape Hourglass
Body color Fair
Prefers Older Men
Twitter Bio ‘Naughty milf near you’
Twitter followers 260k
Tattoos Yes

How tall is Lenora Maude? Body Measurements

She has a fair hourglass body shape. Her body is so perfect that anything would suit her. Her bra size is 38 C. She keeps dying her hair and changing her hairstyle. She has dyed her hair into black, brown, blonde, etc. Also, she has a piercing on her nose.

Check out the gallery to view the pictures she uploaded on her Twitter.

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