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CJ Boling BolingBros, Brothers, Comedy, Net worth, Age, YouTube

CJ Boling

  • CJ Boling, a well-known American YouTuber, gained fame through parkour-flipping videos and daily Vlogs.

  • His rise to popularity occurred when a viral video catapulted him into the internet spotlight.

  • CJ Boling’s YouTube channel features tutorials and tricks to assist and entertain his audience.

How old is CJ Boling? Brothers

CJ Boling is a famous YouTuber, born in Virginia, United States on October 3, 2004. He is 19 years old in 2023.

He has not revealed his parent’s name and other details regarding his family. However, CJ Boling’s brother has appeared on his Instagram account. He has two siblings and he is the eldest one. His middle brother’s name is Brody and his younger brother’s name is Dylan.

Brother’s Trivia

CJ being the eldest is the creative genius behind our skits and parodies. He’s always coming up with hilarious ideas that leave us in stitches. He’s also quite silly and loves to make us laugh.

The middle brother, Brody, is the life of the party. He’s flamboyant, outgoing, and loves to dance. He’s always ready to break out some killer moves and get the party started.

The youngest brother, Dylan, is a bit of an emo brat, but we love him anyway. He adds a unique edge to our videos with his wild demeanour and unpredictable sense of humour.

CJ Boling- Professional career

Boling is a prominent American social media influencer, recognized for his YouTube channel, aptly named “CJ Boling.” His channel is primarily focused on showcasing his incredible parkour flips and sharing engaging vlogs.

He is the comedic director & manager of their channel, BolingBros.

Thanks to his captivating content, he has successfully amassed a dedicated following, boasting over 345,000 subscribers on his channel.

What is CJ Boling’s net worth in 2023?

CJ Boling is an American YouTube channel that boasts an impressive subscriber count of over 345,000. This channel was established eight years ago and has since uploaded a total of 568 videos for its viewers to enjoy.

They also own their merch with the name ‘bolingbros.’ They have Unisex / Men’s T-shirts, Hoodies and sweatshirts, and accessories.

However, his net worth is kept private.

How tall is CJ Boling? Weight, Physical Features

At present, there is no publicly available information regarding CJ Boling’s height and weight measurements.

Nevertheless, a visual analysis of his social media images and videos reveals that he possesses a well-built and muscular physique, coupled with a charming and attractive face.

He has black hair and striking black eyes, which contribute to his distinctive appearance.

How famous is CJ Boling on social media?

Boling maintains a presence on various social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. His videos are not only enjoyable but also highly engaging, which has led to a substantial following on all his social media profiles. Despite his youth, CJ has a promising career ahead of him, with plenty of opportunities for growth and success.

It appears that CJ Boling has chosen YouTube as his primary platform and officially identifies as a YouTuber. His main source of income is derived from YouTube, supplemented by earnings from advertisements across his official social media channels. This multifaceted approach has enabled him to establish a thriving online career.

CJ Boling’s online presence is truly remarkable. On YouTube, he boasts over 345,000 subscribers, while on Instagram, he has a dedicated following of more than 3,000 fans. His TikTok account is also flourishing with nearly 18,000 followers, showcasing his wide-reaching influence across multiple social media platforms.

Is CJ Boling Married?

CJ Boling with his girlfriend ( Image source- Instagram)

In a recent development, Boling has posted several pictures on his Instagram featuring himself with a young woman. The images capture the couple dressed elegantly and sharing lovely moments.

This has sparked speculation that the renowned YouTuber might have tied the knot in recent times. Nevertheless, as of now, specific details about this possible marriage remain undisclosed.

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