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Wu2euce Instagram, Dating 2024

Wu2euce Instagram, Dating 2024

  • Wu2euce from St. Louis, Missouri and American rapper-singer Sexyy Red were caught sleeping together.

  • Wu2euce goes live where he laid Sexyy Red to deep sleep.

Wu2euce and Sexyy Red Details about live streaming

Wu2euce and Sexyy Red are having a good time as they have been spending quality time with each other. The couple also have become quite close to each other.

Wu2euce shared a live video after Red went to sleep. On live he showed Sexxy sleeping and on a selfie video he was seen smoking and said,

“I push down up”

“Don’t west, I push down up your…”

Sexyy Red and Wu2euce live. (Source: Twitter)

There were not many but around 12 viewers watching live. However, their live video became viral and the clip is all over YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Comments on Wu2euce and Sexyy Red live

The comments soon started flowing after the video was shared. Some celebrities having blue ticks also commented.

Youtuber Faze Yourrage comments,

“Cornball. Never gon hit again. Dis why famous mfs don’t fuck wi “regular” mfs. Clout thirsty gremlines”

Ryan, ghostwriter says,

“I regret when I did with this with ice spice she hasn’t texted me back since”

sexyy red
Sexyy Red and Wu2euce live. (Source: Twitter)

Witchdoctoralex, podcast host wrote,

“The fact that it’s so many female rappers, men are npw the video vixens and groupie hos”

“Probably gon cut a hole in the condom”

Cleopatra with her sense of humour says,

“I need someone to put me asleep like Sexyy Red did”

Will Wu2euce regret this?

The whole incident where Sexyy Red and Wu2euce were spending time was a private thing. He did this without her consent and it is very wrong to misuse it while somebody is unconscious or asleep.

So, Sexyy Red might not like this at all. So, there has been a big issue and has made a big deal as it is all over the internet.

We hope that after seeing this, such type of incident does not get repeated with anyone.

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