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Tareq Salameh Bio, MrBeast, Cameraman, Video, Youtube, Height

Tareq Salameh

  • Tareq Salameh, is an Instagram sensation, comedian, and digital content creator.

  • He gained recognition as the cameraman for numerous videos by MrBeast, often appearing in these videos himself.

  • Tareq has accumulated over 1,000 followers on his Instagram account.

How old is Tareq Salameh? Early Life, Family, Education

Tareq Salameh, an Instagram Star, was born in Saudi Arabia on December 9, 1994, which means he is currently 28 years old. He fell under the Zodiac sign of Capricorn.

Tareq Salameh began his social media journey by launching his Instagram account in December 2012, which marked the start of his rise to fame.

Tareq Salameh- Professional Career

Tareq Salameh began his career as a social media influencer and content creator. He made his debut in the online world by launching his Instagram account in December 2012.

Over the years, he is engaged in various online endeavours, including collaborating with other well-known content creators and participating in popular online challenges and videos.

Tareq Salameh with MrBeast (source: youtube)

Some notable aspects of his career and trivia include:

  1. YouTube Appearances: Tareq Salameh gained recognition for his appearances in videos by popular YouTubers. He notably featured in MrBeast’s video titled “Last To Leave Revolving Door Wins $50,000” and also appeared in “Selling Houses For $1.” These collaborations with MrBeast, a prominent figure in the YouTube community known for his extravagant challenges and giveaways, contributed to Tareq’s growing popularity.
  2. Cameo Appearance: Tareq Salameh made a cameo appearance in a video titled “Make THIS Shot, Win $300,000.” Such appearances in high-stakes challenges and entertaining content helped him gain a wider audience and enhance his reputation as an online personality.
  3. TikTok Channel: In addition to his presence on Instagram and YouTube, Tareq expanded his online presence to TikTok, where he operates under the username “edristareq.” On this platform, he shares skits and situational comedy content, catering to a different audience and showcasing his versatility as a content creator.
  4. Collaborations: Tareq has collaborated with other famous content creators, and one notable mention is his association with PewDiePie. He posted an Instagram photo alongside PewDiePie in the summer of 2023, which indicates his connections within the online influencer community.

MrBeast’s cameraman’s career has been marked by his involvement in engaging and entertaining content, from YouTube challenges to TikTok skits. His collaborations with well-known figures and appearances in popular videos have contributed to his rise as a social media influencer and content creator.

Tareq supporting MrBeast to build wells in Africa

MrBeast uploaded a youtube video on 5th November 2023 where he built 100 wells in the small villages of Africa. The villages included Kenya, Nairobi, etc.

They were welcomed mostly by children with the traditional African style. MrBeast was so overwhelmed and speechless the because of the welcome ceremony.

How much is Tareq Salameh’s net worth in 2023?

Tareq Salameh, the Instagram star, comedian, and digital creator. He has established a net worth estimated to be in the range of $100,000 to $1 million. His career in the world of online content creation has played a significant role in accumulating his wealth.

How tall is Tareq Salameh? Weight, Physical Features

While the exact height and weight of Tareq are not available. Looking at the images and videos, he is has a lean physique.

He has black eyes and short black hair. These physical features contribute to his overall appearance and image as an Instagram star and digital creator.

Tareq Salameh-Social media

Salameh, known as @edristareq on Instagram, has over 1,000 subscribers. Likewise, his TikTok presence is remarkable, with more than 1 million likes and over 5 million views.

On Twitter, he has garnered nearly 500 followers.

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