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Squid Game The Challenge 243, Stephen Lomas! Eliminated?

Stephen Lomas

  • Stephen Lomas #243 is one of the famous contestants of the new Netflix reality game show, “Squid Game The Challenge.”

  • He is 30 years old as of 2023.

  • Likewise, he is single as of now.

What is Squid Game: The Challenge?

‘Squid Game: The Challenge’ is a Netflix Reality game series based on the famous Netflix Series “Squid Game”.

The first episode of this show was released on November 22, 2023.

The cash prize for the winner is $4.56 million and a total players are 456 players compete.

Once the player is eliminated, $10,000 will be added to the prize money. Thus in the first round, the value of each player is 10 grands until he is in the game.

Unlike the series, the contestants do not die once they are eliminated.

The Squid Game Challenges

The Squid Game Challenges Episodes:

Player #243, Stephen Lomas (Source: Netflix)

As the reference of the Netflix Original Series “Squid Game,” there are ten challenges divided into 10 episodes. The Number of players is 456 the winning amount is a whooping $4.56 Million.

The games and episodes are as:

1st  Episode: Red Light, Green Light
2nd Episode: The Man with the Umbrella
3rd  Episode: War
4th Episode: Nowhere to Hide
5th Episode: Trick or Treat
6th Episode : Goodbye
7th Episode: Friend or Foe
8th Episode: One Step Close
9th Episode: Circle of Trust
Final Episode: One Lucky Day

Till now episode 5 has been released on Netflix, the first five episodes were released on 22nd 2023.

The next three episodes will be released on November 29, 2023, and the Final two episodes will be released on December 6th, 2023.

Stephen Lomas #243 Bio, Age

Player #243 Stephen Lomas is 30 years old born in 1993 and is from Kansas City, Missouri, United States of America. He comes from a big family with 9 kids and is one of nine kids, his parents were too young when they got their first child.

Stephen has been homeless, lived in cars, and been house and couch-hopping as a bunch of kids. Somedays were like, they didn’t even get to eat food every most of the nights.

He is not so close with his parents not even with his mom, growing up he was a momma’s boy but it doesn’t mean they don’t talk. However, his dad is out of the picture.

Stephen Lomas #243 Trivia

  • Stephen is fun loving guy.
  • He is been dreaming of becoming a multi-millionaire.
  • He was the part of “Gganbu gang” in the Show.
  • He was basically homeless in the past.
  • It was shocking when player#243 was eliminated.

Stephen Lomas #243, Eliminated?

In the first episode, Stephen player no 243 crossed the line in “Red light, Green light” easily and made it into another round. Also, he made friends with the oldest contestant #232, Rick Mercurio, and the other contestant.

Stephen Lomas in the first game “Red Light Green Light.” (Source: Netflix)

Second game “The Man with the Umbrella” he got the star not so easily he completed that game and moved to the third round where he was about to get eliminated but survived in the game “War.”

After that, in the 4th  episode “Nowhere to Hide” game he was not on the list and was safe easily. But in that show, the announcer called player 232 ‘Doc’ and referred a player to choose which Doc chose Stephen and both went to another room, where there was a surprise game “Ddakji”.

Doc knew how to play the game teaching and winning at the same time. Then the announcer again called by saying Player243  you have lost ‘Ddakji’.

The exact moment when Stephen Lomas lost “Ddjaki”. (Source: Netflix)

This was the most suspenseful moment. He and Doc thought Stephen was eliminated, but then something happened, Doc received the candy and he was saved! It was an incredible moment, both were laughing so loudly.

In the next episode “Trick or Treat” the announcer again set a new challenge asking 5 contestants to volunteer. The 5 players were players no 183, 229, 130, 375 and 087.

In this game, there was 6 box and they had to choose one each. Player 183 eliminated 206, 375 eliminated, 087 eliminated player 176, and Phalisia Boothe #229 got the treat to eliminate 3 players 3 of them were 130 who got the advantage.

#229 eliminated Stephen and the Doc which was shocking for the contestants. The journey of Squid Game the Challenge was over for Stephen player 243 after the 4th round.

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