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Pranjali Awasthi Bio, Age, Delv.AI Company, Net worth, Father, Al,

Pranjali Awasthi

  • Pranjali Awasthi, a young Indian entrepreneur, established Delv.AI, a pioneering AI firm at 16.

  • Delv.AI’s primary objective is to advance data analysis and decision-making by leveraging machine learning and automation.

How old is Pranjali Awasthi? Early Life, Family, Education

Pranjali Awasthi was born in India in 2007 into a family of engineers. As of 2023, she is 16 years old.

Her father, a computer science enthusiast, introduced her to coding at the young age of seven. This early exposure ignited her interest in technology and mathematics, leading her to engage in various competitions and projects.

Education: At the age of 11, Pranjali and her family relocated to Miami, Florida, where she enrolled in Doral Academy Charter High School.

Here, she furthered her education in computer science and joined competitive math programs, earning accolades for her achievements.

Remarkably, she began interning at university research labs at Florida International University at just 13, focusing on machine learning projects.

Additionally, during the COVID-19 pandemic, she attended virtual high school, granting her the flexibility to pursue her passion for technology.

Family: Pranjali Awasthi was born to parents Mr. Awasthi and Mrs. Awasthi. Her father, an engineer, played a crucial role in her early coding education.

While she does not have any siblings, her parents have been supportive of her endeavours in the tech world. They have expressed pride in her achievements while also holding concerns for her well-being.

Pranjali strives to strike a balance between her work and personal life and cherishes spending time with her friends and family.

How Delv Al was formed?

Inspiration for Delv AI: Pranjali Awasthi’s journey with Delv AI began with her personal experiences as a researcher.

Recognizing a market void for a precise and efficient data extraction tool to sift through the vast sea of online data, she had an epiphany.

Her vision revolved around an AI-driven solution that could simplify and automate the data extraction and summarization process, offering invaluable time and resource savings to researchers.

Founding Delv AI: In 2021, Pranjali embarked on her mission by harnessing the power of OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model as the cornerstone of her system. Her efforts resulted in a web-based platform.

This platform empowers users to upload or input various text sources, such as research papers, news articles, or web pages.

Here, they can pose questions or seek text summaries. The platform employs natural language processing and machine learning to generate answers or natural language summaries, complemented by pertinent graphs and charts.

Product Launch and Success: Delv AI officially debuted on Product Hunt, a platform renowned for showcasing new products and startups, in January 2022.

The launch garnered significant success, eliciting positive feedback and catching the attention of both potential customers and investors.

Raise of Delc Al

Entrepreneurial Journey: Pranjali Awasthi’s entrepreneurial journey soared when she joined an AI startup accelerator in Miami led by Lucy Guo and Dave Fontenot of Backend Capital.

This accelerator proved instrumental, offering invaluable mentorship, guidance, and invaluable connections to facilitate her business’s expansion.

Her venture also secured substantial funding, with support from prominent investors including On Deck and Village Global, amounting to a total of $450,000.

Team Expansion and Strategic Partnerships: With ambitious growth plans, Pranjali expanded her team, bringing aboard ten professionals proficient in AI, engineering, design, marketing, and business development.

She also forged a strategic partnership with Creative Destruction Lab (CDL), a nonprofit organization specializing in aiding science- and technology-based startups.

CDL opened doors to world-class mentors, investors, scientists, and entrepreneurs, all contributing to the refinement of her product and strategy.

Delv AI’s Rapid Growth: Since its inception, Delv AI has experienced rapid growth, catering to a diverse user base exceeding 10,000 individuals from various sectors, including academia, journalism, law, finance, healthcare, and education.

The company’s central mission revolves around empowering researchers with swift, scalable, and efficient data extraction and analysis tools, ultimately facilitating superior decision-making and discoveries.

What are Pranjali Awasthi’s career achievements?

Pranjali Awasthi has achieved significant milestones and received notable recognition throughout her career:

  • Associate Member (June 2023): She was honoured with the Associate Member title by the Masason Foundation, underscoring her contributions and dedication.
  • IEEE Rising Star 2022 (November 2021): Pranjali earned the prestigious IEEE Rising Star award from the IEEE Canada Young Professionals Committee, acknowledging her outstanding contributions to the field.
  • HFO Fellow (September 2021): Backend Capital recognized Pranjali’s exceptional accomplishments by granting her the HFO Fellow title, highlighting her impact on the entrepreneurial world.
  • AIME Qualifier (February 2021): The Mathematics Association of America bestowed the AIME Qualifier title upon Pranjali, reflecting her exceptional abilities in mathematics and problem-solving.

How much is Pranjali Awasthi’s net worth in 2023?

As of 2023, the Indian-origin teenager, Pranjali Awasthi, has made remarkable strides in the tech industry. Her AI startup, Delv.AI, has achieved an impressive valuation of $12 million.

Pranjali embarked on this entrepreneurial journey in January 2022, securing substantial funding amounting to approximately ₹3.7 crores. She has assembled a dedicated team of 10 professionals who contribute to the company’s growth and mission.

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