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Max Sebrechts Wikipedia, Net worth 2024

Max Sebrechts Wikipedia, Net worth 2024

  • Max Sebrechts is a Belgian-American career man, entrepreneur, fashion model, Yogi, and sportsman.

  • Max is famous as the husband of Miss USA 2008, Crystle Stewart.

How old is Max Sebrechts? His bio

Max Sebrechts was born on May 12, 1980, in Antwerp, Belgium. He is 43 years old. His mother Martine was a fashion photographer. She convinced him to enter the fashion world at the early age of 16.

He has done an ad film with one of the biggest brands in the world including:

  • Calvin Klein,
  • Hugo Boss,
  • Gucci,
  • Dunhill,
  • Burberry campaigns
  • Rolex

Max Sebrechts and Crystle Stewart married life!

Model Max Sebrechts and former Miss USA Crystle Stewart married in August 2014, in Houston, Texas.

However, the couple are not together presently. They started having differences in their married relationship and they decided to divorce after 8 years of marriage.

They legally separated in 2022 according to Perezhilton.

Max Sebrechts accused of sexual harassment

Max Sebrechts, the husband of Crystle Stewart, President of the Miss USA organization (and formerly Miss USA 2008), has been accused of sexual improprieties by several Miss USA 2021 contestants, according to a YouTube video “Miss USA Scandal?” by Natly Denise, a “truther and pop-culture enthusiast.”

Max Sebrechts - Crystle Stewart (1)
Source: Instagram

You can watch the entire video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xM2jXL6MXw

In her video, Natly displays a screenshot of an anonymous email sent to the affiliates of IMG/Endeavor including to Paula Shugart, president of the Miss Universe Organization (MUO). The email was cc’d to Crystle and Michael Hannah (franchise director of Miss USA).

The author of the email claims that MUO has been sent substantial evidence of Sebrechts’ sexually predatory behaviour and Shugart has known about it for a while but didn’t say anything (obviously to cover it up and to protect Crystle).

Natly also displays screenshots of direct messages sent to her by former Miss USA contestants (the names have been blurred to protect their identities) that show Sebrechts flirting with them.

Natly also mentions that all state directors were being pressured to install Miss Academy schools in their respective states.

Miss Academy is a pageant and modelling school owned and run by Crystle of which Shugart is a board member. Sebrechts stepped down from his position as Vice-President of Miss USA while the allegations against him are being investigated.

She told,

“I find it funny that this scandal is now making the rounds on social media and the Internet just a week before the Miss USA 2022 finals on October 3. Crystle supposedly owns the Miss USA license for two years (she acquired it in 2021). With her directorship suddenly tainted by the scandal, she risks losing the license to someone else. Time will tell.”

Update on Max Sebrechts life

As a result of this whole controversy and scandal, the model had to leave his job following accusations made against him in 2021.

Also, he has deactivated his Instagram handle.

Likewise, his ex-wife Crystle Stewart being the national director of Miss USA and Miss Teen USA was also forced to leave her job. She is permanently removed.

Miss USA was very heartbroken with the news and she said,

“I want tell them that I actually commend them for using their voice and coming together. It shows that if we unify and work together, how it can amplify your voice. But they used it for the wrong reason.”

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