• Player287 Mai is one of the contestants and a winner of the Season 1 Netflix show “Squid Game The Challenge.”

  • She won the cash prize of $4.55 Million.

  • She was in the military and is an Adjudicator.

Mai, Player 287’s 1st to 3rd Game

In the first Game “Red Light Green Light” Mai was very close to losing but she made it. The results of the first game, out of 456 players only 197 players made it to the second round.

The cash prize is $2,590,000; every player adds $10,000 to the account. Moving in the second round another player who received the phone call got eliminated.

In the 2nd game “The Man with the Umbrella” it was intense cause Mai was sitting in the 3rd row which was the star, which she completed in Time and passed through the next round.

In the 3rd Game “War,” every player thought it was a tug of war but it was a “warship”. Further, in this game, she was in the Blue Team’s so-called “ggonbu gang” and passed the warship game. The results of this game were, that only 73 players were left and the prize stands at $3,83 million.

Mai, Player 287’s 4th to 6th Game

The 4th game is named “Nowhere To Hide”, This game was to eliminate the player by putting the player’s numbers and 3 players will be eliminated. Players 161, 179, 330, 374 and 302 were players who were eliminated. Three players who got the most votes and got eliminated were players 161, 330 and 374.

The game 5 name is “Trick or Treat” in which 5 players volunteer to get a box in which there is a “trick or treat”. In this game, 5 volunteered players were players 130, 375, 087, 083 and 229. Player 130 got the threat of an advantage in the next game but player 229 got the threat to eliminate 3 players which player 130 got eliminated. Player 375 also got eliminated in this round and only 63 players were left.

Mai was so visible throughout the game until 6th game name “Goodbye”. In this game the players were first made to choose a close player as every player chose the close player for each other, then they were moved to have a picnic which turned into a “Marbles” game which is the most betraying game.

In this game Mai chose the player  “Jada” They both waited until the last minute when they shared each other’s emotions and Mai was quite clever to win that marble game.

Mai, Player 287 Winner of Season 1 Squid Game The Challenge?’

After the 6th game, Mai was more visible in the game as only 31 32 players were eliminated and the cash prize stands at “4.25 Million”.

In this round, there were players making alliances as the number of players was decreasing and the announcer told them to pick a captain which Player 482 TJ volunteered.

Tj was selected as a captain as he was mostly loved by the players and also by Mai. In this game, only 20 players will move to another round and the player captain is automatically passed to another round and has to choose a player.

Mai was not so sure of TJ although TJ chose Mai first. Mai started crying in joy or pain as she moved to another round.

She chose player 286 Chad after this there was a little trustworthy decision as she earlier decided to be in the girls’ group though Mai is clever as she chose her friend in the show.

Finally, the whole Game

In the 7th game “Friend or Foe”, only 20 players were remaining, and a cash prize of $4,360,000. In this 20 players were moved to another room where they were played to pick a bear from a clawing machine Player 287 was first to pick a bear and got 4 numbers and gave to player 077.

Player 393 got 1 and gave it to TJ. TJ got the number 20 which is the best number in the game as the next game was “Glass Game” Still TJ chose Mai as he loved her so much as a person. Mai moved into the next round as she got number 20 in the glass bridge.

“Squid Game The Challenge” is getting closer as only 12 players were left in the 8th game named “One Step Closer”. In this, there was a game of “Dice” in which players could eliminate another player or nominate yourself and eliminate.

Mai was not so sure as she went first and she picked player player 278 which out shocking because everybody was deciding to nominate themselves.

After this other players did nominate themselves and player 018, player 031 and player 286 rolled themselves 6 and got eliminated. Mai was close to player 286 and was devastated as she lost her friend as well she betrayed another player.

When Mai felt alone…

Mai felt alone her close friends were all eliminated moving to the 9th game “Circle of Trust”. In this game only 9 players were left and a cash prize of $4,470,000.

Mai was so feeling I this although she was a strong woman and went very carefully in this game. In this game, 9 players were crossed and blindfolded.

6 players will be eliminated in this game as they have to put the gift box to another player or have to guess the correct player who kept the box to survive in the game.

The Game Plan: Elimination!

In this game, Mai was the first player to keep the box and kept in player 418 but player 418 didn’t choose Mai so Mai was saved and player 418 got eliminated.

Player 019 got the box from her friend 355 but couldn’t guess so got eliminated. After that Mai also got the box from Player 429 but Mai used her profession as an adjudicator to read the faces of players and got the correct player 429 and shocked every other player.

Mai was really lucky or maybe she was clever but She made it to the Final Round and became the Top 3 finalists.

The three finalists were Player 287 Mai, Player 016 Sam, and Player 451 Phil, 6 players were eliminated and the whooping cash prize is whopping $4,530,000.

Three finalists of Squid Game, Mai, Sam, and Phil. (Source: Netflix)

Before the final game, there was a feast where all 3 players were given a nice suit to wear. If there isn’t a twist then it’s not a squid game the challenge, as there was another elimination.

In the middle of the feast, there were 3 buttons circle, Triangle, and Square. When a player will push 1 button one, this button can turn Green, Gray, or Red.

The Green means the player is safe and will be in the final game. The other button will turn gray which has no consequences and the final red button which means the who pushes will be eliminated.

Mai was brave enough and took the first shot and pressed Triangle which got the grey color which has no consequences.

After that Player 016 Sam pushed the square Red button and got eliminated. Mai and Player 451 Phil are the final Contestants.

The Final Game

The Final Game of Season 1 “Squid Game The Challenge” is named “One Lucky Day” and has a cash prize of $4,540,000.Mai and Phil have defeated 454 players.

The game was as easy as it gets though there is always a twist. The final Game is played as “Rock Paper Scissors” but with a twist in to to open a safe as u win in rock paper scissors.

This game has a simple Rule, Rock beat Scissors, Scissors beat Paper, and Paper beats Rock. Mai won the first round as soon as the game started and looked confident but winning doesn’t matter as you also have to be lucky to open the safe by finding the correct key in a box full of the same keys.

The rounds went on but both players were not lucky enough to open the safe. But suddenly Mai beats Player $451 with the scissors to the Paper and guesses the correct Key to the Safe.

This was the Moment Mai the safe and became the first winner of the Squid Game The Challenge Season 1 with the astonishing cash prize of $4,550,000 Million.

Winner of the Squid Game The Challenge Season 1 Player#287 Mai. (Source: Netflix)

What is Squid Game: The Challenge?

‘Squid Game: The Challenge” Season 1 is a Netflix reality game series based on the famous Netflix Series “Squid Game.”

The first episode of this show was released on November 22, 2023.

The cash prize for the winner is $4.56 million and a total players of 456 players compete.

Once the player is eliminated, $10,000 will be added to the prize money. Thus in the first round, the value of each player is 10 grands until he is in the game.

Unlike the series, the contestants do not die once they are eliminated.

The Squid Game Challenges

The Squid Game Challenges Episodes:

Player 287, Mai. (Source: Netflix)

As a reference to the Netflix original series “Squid Game,” there are ten challenges divided into 10 episodes. The Number of players is 456 the winning amount is a whooping $4.56 Million.

The games and episodes are as:

1st  Episode: Red Light, Green Light
2nd Episode: The Man with the Umbrella
3rd  Episode: War
4th Episode: Nowhere to Hide
5th Episode: Trick or Treat
6th Episode : Goodbye
7th Episode: Friend or Foe
8th Episode: One Step Close
9th Episode: Circle of Trust
Final Episode: One Lucky Day

Till now episode 5 has been released on Netflix, the first five episodes were released on 22nd 2023.

Mai #287 Bio, Age 

Mai was born in Fairfax County, Virginia, United States of America.

She’s an Immigration adjudicator.

Mai left her hometown during the fall of Vietnam in 1975 she was just 8 years old, and can remember that she was going to the airfield where everybody, all the refugees was lying down on the airfield.

Being an 8-year-old Mai was curious, she had her head up trying to see where’s the bombing coming from, and where the guns were shooting at.

Suddenly just in the split second when Mai moved her head up, a soldier automatically quickly put the gun in her head because the soldier was about to shoot her.

“So my mother yanked me so hard to the ground. She thought her life was almost over. That was the moment she will never never forget in her life. and that was the moment, a driving force for her to be strong.”

Mai’s Trivia

      • Mai is an Immigration adjudicator by profession.
      • Presently, She is a grandmother and was pregnant at the age of 18.
      • She has also gone into the military.

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