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Lavenderblossom Robux, Game YouTube, Videos, Parents


  • Lavenderblossom is a video creator and gamer.

  • She operates a YouTube channel named “Lavenderblossom” where she uploads edited videos and Roblox content.

  • Most of her YouTube videos revolve around designing new in-game avatars.

  • Her YouTube channel has gathered 2.3 million subscribers.

  • Lavenderblossom also manages an Instagram account under the handle “lavenderblossomytyt.”

  • Her Instagram features more Roblox-related content and includes a reel dedicated to Squid Game in Roblox.

Who are Lavenderblossom’s Parents?

LavenderBlossom’s family background includes her father, Mr. Blossom, who is a professional businessman. Her mother, Mrs. Blossom works as a housewife. She is their only child, with no siblings.

Lavenderblossom social media managed by parents

LavenderBlossom’s social media is managed by her parents as she is underage. Her YouTube channel, “Lavenderblossom,” boasts an impressive 2.3 million subscribers.

On Instagram, where she goes by the handle “@lavenderblossomytyt,” she maintains a following of 12.4 thousand followers. Her substantial following on both platforms reflects her popularity and influence in the digital space.

How old is Lavenderblossom? Education

LavenderBlossom, born on November 7, 2011, is currently 11 years old in 2023. She comes from a prosperous family in the United States and is an American citizen who follows the Christian faith.

Currently, she is attending early schooling at a local high school. LavenderBlossom’s passion for acting and gaming has been with her since childhood, prompting her to start creating gaming videos at a young age as a step towards fulfilling her dreams.

Lavenderblossom with her mother (Image Source-Instagram)

Lavenderblossom- Professional Career

The gamer is a prominent video creator and gamer, leveraging her Lavenderblossom YouTube account to share an array of content, including edits and Roblox gameplay.

A significant portion of her video content of crafting new in-game avatars, attracting a substantial audience.

With a remarkable 2.3 million subscribers, she has become a popular figure in the YouTube gaming community. Additionally, her @lavenderblossomytyt Instagram account is a platform to showcase more Roblox-related content, including a reel dedicated to Squid Game within the Roblox universe.

LavenderBlossom began her YouTube journey in June 2018, marking the inception of her digital presence.

One of her most renowned videos is a YouTube short, published in January 2022, where she customizes her avatar. This video has amassed an impressive 17 million views, underlining her ability to connect with a vast and engaged audience.

LavenderBlossom’s creative reach extends to her lavenderblossomyt TikTok channel, where she has incorporated music by artists such as Lizzo, demonstrating her adaptability in curating content across different platforms and to various audiences.

How much is Lavenderblossom’s net worth in 2023?

As of 2023, LavenderBlossom, the American YouTuber and social media personality, boasts a net worth estimated at $0.2 million. She also gets paid when any user uses her star code ” LAV ” whenever buying Robux or premium.

Her YouTube channel predominantly features Roblox gameplay and the art of crafting new in-game avatars, accumulating a substantial fan base of over 500,000 followers.

How tall is Lavenderblossom?

LavenderBlossom is celebrated not only for her captivating online presence but also for her striking physical attributes. Her allure is defined by an attractive and charming personality that resonates with her audience.

Standing at approximately 4 feet and 2 inches in height, LavenderBlossom has a slender body type with a body weight of around 30 kilograms.

Her physical features include long, shiny brown hair that adds to her overall appeal, complemented by her enchanting brown eyes that captivate the attention of those who follow her online activities.

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