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Envmai Bio, Age, Family, Net worth, YouTube, Height, Weight


  • Envmai is a charismatic YouTube sensation and dedicated gamer.

  • She has a unique blend of Yandere Simulator content, thrilling challenges, spine-tingling pranks, and engaging vlogs.

  • Her remarkable journey on YouTube has earned her a substantial following, with over 127K subscribers and a staggering 14 million views.

How old is Envmai? Early Life, Family, Education

Envmai was born on October 10, 2003, in Maryland. She celebrated her 20th birthday recently and posted it on Instagram.

In 2022, she successfully graduated from Thomas Stone High School. Her determination and creativity were already evident in her early life, setting the stage for her future success.

Beyond her life on YouTube, she is not alone. She shares her journey with her significant other, someone named Mel.

Their relationship adds a personal touch to her content and resonates with her fans, showcasing the warmth and authenticity that has made her a beloved figure in the gaming world.

How did Envmai become famous?

A Viral Sensation

Envmai’s content has taken the YouTube world by storm, with one video in particular gaining significant attention titled,

“Yandere AI Girlfriend Takes Off Her Wig??! || Talking w/Yandere,”

This video has accumulated an impressive one million views. It exemplifies Envmai’s ability to captivate her audience with intriguing and engaging content, establishing her as a rising star in the YouTube gaming community.

A Talented TikTok Star

Envmai’s talents extend beyond YouTube, as she ventured into the world of TikTok in May 2023. She posted a captivating video set to the song “See You Again” by Tyler The Creator featuring Kali Uchis. This foray into TikTok demonstrates her versatility and ability to connect with a broader audience, further solidifying her status as an emerging online influencer.

Envmai’s journey, which began in Maryland and has taken her to new heights in the digital realm, is a testament to her talent, creativity, and the genuine connections she fosters with her fans.

As a Libra, she strikes a harmonious balance between her passion for gaming and her ability to create content that resonates with viewers worldwide. With her future shining brightly, she is undoubtedly a rising star to watch in the world of online entertainment.

How much is Envmai’s net worth in 2023?

Envmai’s financial success is primarily attributed to her thriving YouTube channel, where she has amassed an impressive following of over 127,000 dedicated subscribers.

Her substantial income comes from her engaging content, including Yandere Simulator videos, challenges, pranks, and vlogs, which have resonated strongly with her audience.

While her exact net worth in 2023 remains undisclosed, her significant presence on YouTube and her substantial subscriber count indicate that she earns considerably from her video streams.

Envmai’s ability to leverage various income streams, including ad revenue and sponsorships, underscores her status as a notable figure in the realm of YouTube and online content creation.

How many followers does Envmai have on social media?

Envmai’s YouTube presence is marked by her channel, which can be found under the username “@envmai.” With a dedicated following of 127,000 subscribers, she has amassed a substantial collection of content, boasting 449 videos. She received a silver button from a YouTuber for gaining 100K subscribers on her channel.

Her channel offers a diverse range of content, including Yandere Simulator videos, challenges, pranks, vlogs, and more, catering to the interests and preferences of her loyal viewers.

In addition to her thriving YouTube channel, Envmai maintains a presence on Instagram with a follower count of 2,000. Envmai’s social media presence extends to TikTok, where she has garnered a substantial following of 40,000 followers. On this platform, she shares short and engaging videos that offer a different perspective on her content and personality.

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